The New Labello Vanilla Buttercream, My Lip’s Bestfriend.


As a bona fide lip product junkie, I have had my fair share of lip balms. On any given day, I can easily have at least three to five different lip products in my handbag – the majority of them being various types of lip balms.

It’s really nice to know that there are much healthier options out there that not only taste delicious but smell delicious as well. Might as well have those features being so close to your mouth and getting ingested to a degree throughout the day as you reapply, speak, drink, eat, etc. A Lip balm is one of those things that I tend to apply religiously throughout the cooler months, and this winter especially I seem to have been struggling with dry lips. I’ve learnt that it’s extremely important to opt for a natural lip balm, as not only are the ingredients absorbed through your skin, they are also actually ingested.

Using a balm that has natural and genuinely hydrating ingredients and smells nice is a far more effective method of moisturising your lips!

I thought I’d share with you a lip balm I’m currently loving…the New Vanilla Buttercream flavoured Labello.

Why’s this my favorite lip balm?

Well, it’s because although the texture is a bit stiffer than some of the other balms, it’s not too stiff that it won’t sink in effectively – but not oily enough that other lip products don’t sit well on top. I use thick layers at night, thin layers underneath my lipstick during the day, & a medium layer if I don’t want colored lips that day. No chapping – ever. For me, that’s truly what it comes down to.


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As far as my NIVEA journey


The truth is that pimple scars don’t just vanish in thin air nor do they just disappear overnight – they take time. Adding a toner is a great way to take your skincare routine to the next level. While in the past they’ve been known for sucking moisture out of skin with alcohol or witch hazel, the truth is a good toner is loaded with antioxidants and skin-restoring and skin-replenishing ingredients that nourish skin. These state-of-the-art liquid moisturizers actually enhance skin’s surface, giving skin what it needs to look fresher, smoother, hydrated and helps prevent blemishes. For combination / oily skin toners can reduce blemishes and excess oil, the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Toning Lotion proved that to me.

The purpose of toners is to replenish and nourish skin after removing makeup and cleansing, a step that can significantly, and visibly, help your skin. Even if you use the most gentle cleanser, your skin still needs to be replenished with what the cleanser removes. This is where a brilliant toner can really shine!

A toner can quickly and fundamentally provide skin with generous amounts of antioxidants, soothing agents, and vital hydrating ingredients. A state-of-the-art toner enhances skin’s surface, giving skin what it needs to look fresher, smoother, and hydrated. It also serves to remove those last traces of makeup you may have missed with your cleanser.

Once you start using a well-formulated toner, like the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Toning Lotion, the results will be undeniable. NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Toning Lotion no longer becomes an optional step—it’s a must-have!

Check out my before and after in 2 weeks.

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I’m a lover of all things beauty!


Now that fall is here, that means that my Winter skincare routine no longer holds up quite as well as it did in the colder months. The air is getting warmer and it’s humid, and my skin gets to adapt to every single change. When December approaches, my skin demands changes to my skincare routine to ensure that it can stay as blemish free and hydrated as possible. Allow me to share  with you guys what my fall skincare routine looks like.

As a lover of all things beauty, I am always on the lookout for new products that will work very well with my skin.
NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Toning Lotion purifies and clears the skin, helping prevent blemishes and control shine for more radiant complexion. Walk with me on this journey and see the results for yourself 😊




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