Dove Derma Spa Hand Cream


This daily hand cream is perfect for on-the-go hydration and is the ultimate hand-bag must-have!

This hand cream treatment has a nice texture. It feels nice and smooth and definitely makes my hands feel hydrated, but it can make my hands feel oily if I use too much. I’ve never taken the best care of my hands either just because I don’t think they’re particularly pretty hands and because I’m so clumsy nail polish never lasts on my fingernails without chipping for more than a couple days, so it always seemed pointless to me to attempt to make them look nice. A key quality about this particular hand cream is that it has a non-greasy formula that will leave your hands feeling really nicely hydrated but not greasy or slippery (which is key as I’ve mentioned I’m clumsy enough as it is without being even more of a butter-fingers). Another amazing aspect of this hand cream is the scent– it has a gorgeous vanilla coconut-y smell on account of the coconut and marula oils that help to provide intensive moisture.

After exposure to chemicals – be it cleaning products, workplace chemical products, etc., these chemicals take moisture out of our skin, leaving it dry. Applying hand cream will restores the skin’s moisture and softness.

After washing or any prolonged contact with water (ie. after washing your dishes, etc). Water is a naturally drying agent. Applying hand cream after long contact with water prevents wrinkles and cracks.

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