Dove Invisible Dry Antiperspirant


Okay, let’s get it! Just like brushing your teeth, washing your face, and applying (right??), applying deodorant is one of those beauty tasks we do automatically or involuntarily every day or every morning  without putting much thought into it. However, like all of the tasks, most of us apply deodorant in the morning. No-brainer, right? I hope so…at least. Apparently not. Our clothes, especially the bold colours react with the chemicals in deodorant differently, they leave stains and that is not cool.

The use of Dove antiperspirant has left me in awe. It has improved ingredients for no white marks, allowing you to feel more confident to wear more colours and bolder colours.

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3 Piece or less

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Keeping it real, I dislike being in front of a mirror, deciding which shirt, shoe or bottoms to wear...that'a a full day for me, only to end up with looking like a messy outfit to leave

Blazing Up

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Comfortability come first when it comes to what to wear. The aim is to be super comfy with the blazer that we normally wear with formal outfit. We're not there anymore...level up and be casual

Dove Derma Spa Hand Cream

This daily hand cream is perfect for on-the-go hydration and is the ultimate hand-bag must-have! This hand cream treatment has a nice texture. It feels nice and smooth and definitely makes my hands feel hydrated,

Cleansing Done Right With NIVEA Micellar Water

Hello, Beauty Mates! I'm SO excited to share today's post with you. No matter what your beauty or makeup routine, a good skin-care routine is the foundation you want to be working with. The older I get, the more concerned I get about my skin, especially on my face. I’m not very inclined to use new products
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