3 Piece or less

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Keeping it real, I dislike being in front of a mirror, deciding which shirt, shoe or bottoms to wear…that’a a full day for me, only to end up with looking like a messy outfit to leave home in. At this time of the year, I’d like to commit on effortless dress but still dripping the good look, I menthes should be easy. I’m not a fan of skirts, but guess what? I’m showing my legs this Summer – I don’t care. Let me tell you something, wearing  lesser pieces saves time and effort, that is why I need them. To simplify the process means to not even try to overthink my look at any given chance but hey, I’m not sacrificing style either, there is inspiration out there.

I saved my time and sanity I spend in front of the mirror by always grabbing these three items: a blouse or just a simple top, a leather skirt or anything that doesn’t need ironing (I so bad in ironing…shhh), and sock boots or event an ordinary shoe, it can be flats or heel. The skirt with its classic touch material is key to crafting a polished look. A heeled shoes gives out that fashion girl touch. Although, you can replace the shoes with flats or heels, if your ankles are just too damn sweaty.

To put things into art, I crafted this outfits. This skirt is quite trendy at the moment, I mean it really gives your legs some space to breath.Every lady can wear this beautiful bottom. Personally, I do like this fabric for its delicate and soft touch, for me it’s about comfortability. I can tell you this look makes a cozy feeling and good impression. All you need is to find appropriate tops to create a functional look that will work for this Summer.

The look is inspired by 

Top from The Fix


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Blazing Up

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Comfortability come first when it comes to what to wear. The aim is to be super comfy with the blazer that we normally wear with formal outfit. We're not there anymore...level up and be casual

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As far as my NIVEA journey

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